Scalable Solution to Gauge Social Media Performance


Efficiently Measure Every Social Network

Measuring the performance of your task is an ideal way to achieve the perfect analysis of your action. This can help you to identify efficiently that where you are lagging behind and what are the scopes of the improvement. Thus, Megarray is incepted to ensure you with the simple & quick Analytic.

Measuring the impact and performance of your Social Content on various social networks has now become simple and quick with Megarray. Supported by automating functionality, it can easily build unlimited reports without investing much time.

Measure Social Performance
Video Campaign Performance

Provide Key Stats And Metrics For Each Account

The advancement in the Digital world has reached its pinnacle that one can easily measure the business performance. With the inception of various marketing tools including metrics tracking tools, one can easily track anything easily. The actionable information achieved can help you to improve your digital growth.

Our feature-rich platform provides you with insightful key stats and simple metrics for your each social media accounts. It enables you to measure the growth and progress of your social media activities in the most efficient manner.


Provide Client-Centric Customized Report

Reporting is another important metrics that help in identifying Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats to your online business. An ideally created report that gives the detailed insight into the performance can always help an organization to take the quick and precise decision without investing much time and resources.

Report Customized analytics dashboards allow you to create the insightful customized weekly or monthly reports for your specific client without investing much time and efforts. This can help you to keep a regular check on your social post's growth.

Customised SEO Reports
Export Reports To Measure ROI

Export Reports to Measure ROI

We know that tracking and measuring business performance is quite a time taking and resource consuming task. But with the powerful and intuitive tool like Megarray, measuring the business performance is quite easy and quick task that too without investing more time & resources.

Megarray cannot only help you to build unlimited social reports, but you can also share your performance report with your team members or clients. This platform comprises Inbuilt Export Reports feature that allows you to share report easily just through a single click.