360 Degree Videos – Tools Your Business Can’t Live Without

In the past few years, the digital world has introduced the number of groundbreaking digital marketing formats and capabilities. These revolutionary content formats have made easy for the entrepreneurs to exhibit their products and business proficiencies efficiently.

360 Degree Video is again in the spotlight and thus become the showman of Video Marketing Trends of 2018. People are known to this concept from 2016 when they came across various 3d virtual games developed in the 360 virtual format. In January 2016, only 1% of large-sized companies have published 360-degree posts and reached to 6% by December. (Source – socialbakers.com)

Throughout 2017, we have seen a prodigious growth of the 360 Videos over conventional videos on leading social platforms like Facebook. Need Proof?

54% of visitors view videos and it has become the most reliable source (43%) in comparison to text (18%) and images (36%). (Source – HubSpot)


360-degree video technology has spread its arms in almost every sphere. Many filmmakers rely on this advance operating capabilities to give their proficiency a whole new dimension. Apart from this, 360-degree videos are expected to be a boon in the online business.

How 360-Degree Videos are Helpful to Our Business:

360-Videos basically incepted to provides users with the amazing and true visual experience that double their user-experience.

Here we have compiled major 3 benefits that can help you to realize that why your business needs this powerful tool: 

  1. Audience Engagement

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If you want to highlight your brand among the audience, then serve them with real-time experience. 360 videos can represent your brand in a whole new dimension that elevates your audience engagement as well.

According to ThinkwithGoogle “360 videos have 46% higher view count than did the standard full-length video, and that it drove 41% more earned actions than did the standard ad.”

  1. Ensure Unlimited Possibilities to Viewers

Viewers are now more inclined to view videos rather than seeing images because a 360-degree videos give them the clear and detailed insight into the scene. Thus, 360-degree videos technology is very useful to leading industries like hotels, automobiles, and security motives.

  1. 360 Degree Advertising

Running a 360-degree video Ad Campaign can ensure you with the great success of your brand. According to ThinkwithGoogle “360 ad video will not only improve the customer interaction, but it also drives 41% more earned actions than the standard ad even if visitor watches it for 30 seconds.”

Incorporating 360-Degree Video into your content marketing strategy can definitely ensure you with the positive and scalable results that can directly contribute to your brand’s success.

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