4 Key-Elements for Measuring Social Media Performance

Social Media has become an integral part of the marketing strategies to run an online business efficiently. Why?

It is being noticed that from 2008 to 2017 that %age of US population with a social media profile is increased at a prodigious rate from 24% to 81%. It means the larger online audience has started indulging in social media network for their day to day requirements.

Many e-commerce store holder claims that audience is largely prefers to shop from social networks including Facebook.

That is why 90% of U.S. businesses were using Social Media for marketing purposes in 2017. Many digital pioneers & e-commerce store holder has projected that rate would increase to 91% in 2019.

Furthermore, social media marketing is a great opportunity that can efficiently bring your business to a top gear. Social media works best, only if it is measurable.

It is essential to measure the performance of your social media posting, this helps you to identify your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats and augment your social presence. How?

Here we are sharing top 4 Key-Elements for Measuring Social Media Performance efficiently. These 4 Key-Elements will help you to gain a detailed insight into the various essential parameters that directly contribute to social success.


1. Followers Growth


Entrepreneurs incorporate various CTA (Call-To Actions) like Subscribe, Follow, Share into social media posts. Why?

This practice is carried out with the aim to improve the customer engagement and brand reliability. Thus, the number of followers matters a lot, when it comes to measuring the higher level of engagement.

Observing the growth of followers can also help you to well understand the preference of your social media audience. Furthermore, this provides you with the unlimited scope of improvement.


2. Audience Reach


Reach is another important considering factor that determines the performance of your social media post.

Reach refers to the number of people or visitors who have seen your social media posts or updates. Thus, the number of impressions or reach your post have received can directly contribute to maintaining your social reputation.

You need to ponder the few things while calculating the reach impression of the audience. Sometimes reaches may increase due to increase in the post, so, people take it as an achievement. So, to avoid such situation, always keep the number of posts fixed.


3. Audience Engagement


As we have discussed above that there are various ways to create a buzz about your brand across social media. CTA buttons like share, subscribe, like, follow, signup are included in the post with the aim to increase audience engagement.

Various popular social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram have specific algorithms that clearly defines the criteria of engagement rates.

Content having a large number of likes & comments are recognized as the most engaging social post. Thus, to improve the audience engagement, always focus on improving the quality of the content through Content Syndication Tool.

4. Clicks & Traffic


Although Clicks are categorized into the engagement parameters, still it has a separate credibility as an individual analytic element. While analyzing the performance of the social postings, entrepreneurs always look for the number of clicks and traffic. These clicks later will convert into traffic.

Make sure one thing that it is not necessary that all clicks are convertible traffic. Be careful while analyzing the numbers of click. To convert your clicks into traffic, you need to make your digital presence powerful.

Sometimes, people notice a wide gap between the number of clicks & conversion. Why? It is so because there might be some issues in your website/store like inappropriate targeting or slow loading time.

These were the few predominant metrics that can help you to analyze the performance of your social posts. On top of all this, something that is really important is your Social Media Marketing strategies.


To augment your audience engagement, reach, traffic, and social reputation, you need to strategize your social media campaign in an out-of-the-box way and measure its performance time to time.

If measuring social media performance is a challenge for you, then many Social Media Analytics available in the digital market can assist you to get a clear picture of your social performance.

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