4 Reasons that why your business needs Video Marketing

In the previous blog, we have taken a tour to the 360-Degree Videos and its impact on an online business. We have found that 360-degree videos ensure you with the positive and scalable results that can directly contribute to your brand’s success.

Undoubtedly, Video Marketing has become one of the predominant trend and strategy to spread the boundary of the business. Many young entrepreneurs who have incorporated Video Marketing (VM) into their marketing strategies have noticed the remarkable growth in the conversion rate. Many of them claim that video marketing has improved their audience engagement.

Businesses that have used video to promote their brand have got 66% more qualified leads per year and observed revenue growth of 49% faster year-over-year. (Source – Aberdeen Research Report)

Let’s explore the 4 main reasons to make video marketing a part of the marketing strategies:

  1. Improve Conversion Rate

Getting high traffic on the website is completely useless until it gets converted into leads. Entrepreneurs do endless efforts to get convertible traffic. The inclusion of videos in your marketing strategies will not only derive the more traffic, but it also elevates the conversion of your business and brand. So, Video marketing allows you to represent your business or brand proficiency in a real-time manner.


  1. Bring Trust Element in Brand

Trust is an imperative element that maintains the authenticity and credibility of your brand and connects the customers efficiently to your brand. Every step or strategy of marketing is a game of trust. If you win the trust of the customers once, this will not only open the door of audience engagement but also for the growth. Furthermore, when it comes to winning trust, transparency approach is considered to best approach and VM help you to achieve your desired results.

  1. Attract Mobile Users

The inceptions of smartphones have increased the number of mobile users at a tremendous rate. Thus, it has also attracted the mobile audiences to reach each and every video.

According to Statista report of the mobile share of global digital video plays as of the third quarter of 2017. “mobile accounted for 58 percent of online video views, up from 52 percent of the corresponding quarter in the previous year.” So, through VM strategies you could able to promote your brand very well across the mobile audience because it is being considered that mobile video consumption rises 100% every year. (Source – Insivia)

  1. Add a Value to Overall Growth

Video marketing has become a prime player in the world of online and digital business. It adds a value to the name of your brand. Nowadays, website owners have started investing in video making and included quality-grade products/services videos on the landing page. After doing so, they have observed an unrepresented level of growth in business.


Video Marketing works best to make the brand worth buying viz-a-viz business worth investing and engaging. From the above points, we conclude that video marketing has immense capability to outshines the brand to its extent if it is pitch in the right direction. Remember that more creative and appealing a video more will be the conversion.

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