4 Tips to Remember while creating Content Promotion Plan

Promotion is a stage where most agencies fail at content marketing. Creating perfect content without promoting it is like screaming into the wind. No one will hear you. Promotion is a stage where most agencies fail at content marketing. Creating perfect content without promoting it is like screaming into the wind. No one will hear you.

Content marketing is not a fantasy movie where a ghost of baseball legends appears in the middle of a cornfield. People don’t get content by accident. Publishing content alone on an agency website will not produce acceptable results. There is no place for a “field of dreams” theory in content marketing.


    1. Plan Before Content Post:

      Identification of content, production, promotion and measurement should be considered when creating your agency’s editorial calendar. It helps establish the expectations of the performance for each campaign, the same way the performance expectations are set for an advertising campaign. These factors should be taken into consideration long before the content is created.


    2. Social Channels:

      Recent research shows that agencies have begun using a range of social media channels in search of new business like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, WordPress and much more. It is recommended using a 4:1 content promotion strategy where four different channels are selected to promote content. Using several channels to promote your content increases reach. (a media planning terms referred to the number of people exposed to an ad at least once.) If you connect is promoted only on a single channel, you may not be able to connect with those people who don’t subscribe to it.


    3. Frequency:

      A single execution will not be able to deliver results. A single one-time content promotion is like running a TV commercial once. The prospective clients consume media at different times, like various other media channels. Frequency increases the chances of connecting with prospective clients, especially if you differentiate the times and days of the promotion.


    4. Timings:

      Timing is an important factor for promoting content.  We at Megarray found Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest to be the best for promoting content.

      Targeting Relevance is the primary tenets of Content Marketing. It is achieved by the intersection of the content created and the target audience. Emails offer the best targeting methods and are rated to be the best highest content promotion strategies. Most social media channels provide targeting capabilities with using tags.



Things To Remember

  • Promotion of content is not something you do on the fly. Make an editorial calender before you start creating the content.
  • Use several channels to increase your reach when promoting content.
  • Promote the same content on the same channel to get benefits of frequency.

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