Elevate Your Content with Syndication Tool at Your Finger Tips

Megarray is the optimum content syndication tool available at your fingertips. With the help of content syndication, you can stay one step ahead of SEO and equal with content syndication.

Smart Distribution of Content

With Megarray’s content management abilities, you can publish your content at the right places, with minimum efforts and keep a track on the performance of the post. Megarray, a syndication tool increases your audience reach by publishing the content targeted to different cities, along with the zip code.

The basic aim of any business is to get a high rank in search engine results. This is possible with the back links Megarray creates from the syndication of videos and other posts.

Content Distribution

Comprehensive Automation

Megarray is the smart content syndication tool that can help you to manage your social media campaign efficiently. Backed by the advance technology, this platform can not only manage your campaign, but can ensure you with smart distribution of content including videos across various popular social media platforms.

You can modify, save or replicate campaigns for future use. The syndication tool several multi-tired, high-quality links to your campaign. You can enjoy the organic rise in social signals and search rankings.

Post Through Several Channels Simultaneously

Create organic traffic by publishing content on various platforms. You can increase your web presence and interact with the audience with post scheduling and campaign monitoring. You can save your valuable time by adding and cloning your campaigns for various clients. The results will be great and the possibilities are endless.

Content Syndication Tool

You can have a hassle-free search engine optimization and syndicate your videos and pictures on social networks for your audience to see. You get a broad scope of SEO activity that helps you measure and work to ensure better communication.

With publishing your content on several sites in one click, managing your social media marketing and increasing your productivity will become easier. The quality of your content can be created by developing Social Signals. The tool will enable you to post your content on several social media platforms and improve your interaction with your customers along with driving traffic to your site.

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