Increase Your Search Engine Ranking With Megarray

Google’s search engine uses various methods to decide which pages are displayed first in the results. The formula they use is a secret, but Megarray will show you the ways you can implement to better your search engine ranking in Google. The term for this is called SEO or search engine optimization.

1. Keyword Phrases

Search Engine RankingA keyword phrase is the words you think someone will put into a search engine to look for your content. It is something you consider the subject of your page could be according to Google. You can put all your efforts into keyword phrases alone and improve your site ranking. The keyword phrases should be seen somewhere in the content, mostly in the first paragraph or so.

The point is to speak like a human and use words that humans use when looking for a page about your topic. Telling people about what they are going to read, will be helpful.

2. Keyword Density

Google looks for the number of keywords used when it catalogues the pages. Use normal phrases and avoid tricking the search engine by using the same word several times. It doesn’t work as it could get your website banned. Give a strong introduction that says what the page is about.

3. Pay Attention to LinksSearch Results

Google looks at the hyperlink, it looks at the links to and from the site. It looks at the words used in the links to decide the content of the page. You can use the links within the web pages to emphasize on the keywords.
PageRank is determined by the links from the other websites to your website.

4. Social Networking

The ideal way of promoting a site is through social networking sites. You will realize that a great amount of traffic comes from social networks, so make sure your content is social media friendly.

5. Make the Graphics Search Friendly

The images should have dimensions as it makes the site more accessible. It also gives you an opportunity to place your keywords where Google can see them.

6. Make The Website Mobile Friendly

Mobile Friendly Websites

The number of people using their phones to look for content is increasing. You will want your website to be mobile friendly for a good user experience and search.

Follow all these guidelines Megarray has discussed and your Search Engine Ranking with the increase. If you want to know more, visit Megarray or contact +91 80108 52852.

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