Social Media Management Madness


With several social networks fighting for your participation, the question, “which social media platform is the best for your brand? is a little difficult to answer. Even though most people don’t watch basketball and the madness only comes with celebrating an occasion, a good theme and healthy competition are perfect.

The Classic Fight of Social Networking Sites

  • Pinterest vs. Instagram

Pinterest and Instagram are photo-centric podiums. When it comes to creating user-generated content, Instagram offers the perfect opportunity. Most brands are competing along with Instagram’s promotions and contests. Most brands are given the perfect podium on Instagram to create user generated content.

pinterst vs instagram

Pinterest offers the perfect chance to create content and the chance to interact with people by repining their pictures. The more interaction, along with growth rate and impact of users, puts the podium on top. Pinterest wins the battle.

  • Tumblr vs Twitter

These are both blogging platforms. Tumblr is a conventional blogging platform with a twist. Twitter is more of a micro-blogging platform. With only 140 characters, Twitter is blogging at its best. It has the simplest social features like tagging, re-tweeting, letting people discover content. It is the best space for fashion and media brands to attract a young demographic to play ball.


Tumblr is a lot more visual and serves as a platform for info-graphics, interesting photos and other images. The site is perfect for a great deal of expression. Twitter wins.

  • Google+ vs. LinkedIn

google plus linkedin

Google+ vs. LinkedIn offer an opportunity to build a B2B relationship. LinkedIn has a high presence of key industry decision makers. Google+ is followed active target audiences but what makes it stand out is Google itself. SEO is the biggest benefit for it. Google+ wins.

  • Google+ vs. Facebook


With the promotion of Google+ brand pages, both Facebook and Google+ are contesting for the content and community of your brand. Google+ offers hangouts which offer customer services that strengthen a brand’s connection with the target audience. With years to expand and grow its ads, mobile apps and pages, Facebook, not forgetting its user base. When it comes to the battle, Facebook wins.

The Final Round

  • Twitter vs Facebook

twitter-vs-facebookThese are the two biggest social media giants. Facebook has an advantage with its ads. Even though promoted tweets are the best for the big brands, Facebooks ads are perfect for business of all sizes and offer a strong targeted approach. Twitter has more real time with minimum tweets. Facebook conduct a forum for a brand’s fan base to interact with˙ one another. Facebook have a high engagement rate, but Twitter has a greater reach. Twitter wins the battle.

With all these Social Platforms, which one do you want to choose to promote your brand? Is it Twitter, or Facebook (even though Twitter is the final winner)? Decide and choose what seems best for your brand.

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