Social Media Marketing: A New Direction to Your Business

Surviving as a business in a cutting-edge competitive world is like a do and die situation. Either you have to do something out-of-the-box and productive, otherwise, you might be lag behind in the market and may become an outdated brand or company. To make your presence all pervasive, you need to identify the correct opportunity and that opportunity is Social Media Marketing.

Today we will walk through some strong and proven benefits of incorporating social media into the business. Before that, let see why Social Media is so popular?

Why Social Media Marketing is so Popular

The reason behind the immense popularity of social media is the involvement of online audience across various social media platform. Need Proof?

The above statistics report reflect the status of the most popular social networks used across worldwide as of January 2018. It was being observed that there were around 2,167 million Facebook monthly active users, 1,500 million YouTube, 800 million Instagram, and 330 million Twitter users. (Source – Statista)

Furthermore, the above figures show that how social media influenced a million users across the globe. Now think, if you incorporate this into your marketing strategies, then where you can expect your business? Of course beyond the zenith of success.


Benefits of Social Media Marketing in an Online Business

  1. Augment Brand Awareness

Social media is a high-end operating platform that provides cost-effective digital marketing solutions. Social media strategy can easily syndicate your content and improves the visibility of your business. Along with this, social media marketing tricks can engage your customers in your brand and improves the brand awareness.

  1. Boost Conversion Rate

As it increases the brand visibility and awareness across the various popular social networks, so, it ensures various lucrative opportunities and boosts sales. The quickness and ease of social media platform have allowed users to shop without any convenience.

According to the survey conducted by Statista, 47.7% of users have made the purchase directly through Facebook.

  1. Ensures Rich User-Experience

It is being observed that Social Media improves the conversion rate because it provides visitors with the ultimate user-experience. According to the Press Release of J.D. Power 67% of users or customers prefer social media channels including Facebook Messenger for customer related service. This can help you to include a trust factor in the brand.

  1. Geotarget Content

If you want to expand your brand message efficiently to your targeted audience, then Geotarget is a solution. This finest operating capability allows you to send your brand message to the specific audience based on their location. For instance, Meg array, a social media syndication tool allows you to create and publish video content based on geo-targeting.


From the above benefits, we have concluded that Social Media Marketing has provided a new face to the digital business and hence improve the capabilities to do business. Social Media Marketing derived in the right direction can pitch your business towards success.



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