EDU Lead Generation Campaign on Facebook

Super Quick Stats

Lead CPA went from $40.75 to $20.39

Spent $9,993.96 on Facebook and generated $90,250.00

Quick Stats

Client: Lead Generation Company who spends seven figures monthly on digital media.
Vertical: EDU
CPA Bounty: $250 per qualified lead
Funnel: Ads on Facebook, pushed to a phone call for an in-depth interview identifying qualifications.
Length of test time: 3 months, from 9/13/17 to 12/7/17
Audience Engineered from 1,000 of the Client's top performing keywords.
The Client's average Lead CPA was $40.75
The Client's average Lead CPA using our InMarket Audience Engineering $20.39
Dollar amount of media spent on test: $9,993.96
Dollar amount generated on test: $90,250.00
Number of leads generated 655
Number of qualified, billable leads 361
Cost of InMarket audience data: $2,000 per month, $6,000.00 total.
Additional cost not accounted for within this test, include, Ad-Ops and Call Center Staff salaries/cost.

Two main starting, "before" stats our Client provided. Their average CTR & CPA.

Client - Before Avg CTR = 0.65% Avg CPA = $40.75
Client - After Avg CTR = 0.81% Avg CPA = $20.39

Our Client used our Data as a Service (DaaS) and they ran the campaign in Facebook, no other channel. We did not provide any Agency Services for this campaign. The Client is a lead generation company with in-house ad operations (Ad-Ops). Every week I stressed the importance of running the audience in other channels, the Client did not. Yet, the campaign turned out successful. I must say, this is not the norm, meaning, it's like an act of Congress to get the Client to run our audience data in more than one channel. It's also a flip of the coin if a Client will see success when running the audience data in only one channel. I'd say it's a 50/50 chance. What I've seen (repeatedly) as the major factors in success are, a strong Ad-Ops team with a highly optimized funnel/sales process. When a Client runs our audience data in only one channel and still has success, it's because they have a super strong Ad-Ops team running the campaign that is super seasoned across the board. This particular Client spends a heavy seven figures monthly within a few verticals, all to generate leads and resell those leads for a positive CPA bounty.

The leads generated are filtered/enhanced with a phone call. The billable leads are qualified on the phone call with a call center representative.

The InMarket Audience files we delivered:
1st File 2,633 records on 9/20/17
2nd File 4,798 records on 9/25/17
3rd File 11,044 records on 10/2/17
4th File 19,304 records on 10/10/17
5th File 26,873 records on 10/16/17
6th File 33,073 records on 10/23/17
7th File 38,220 records on 10/30/17
8th File 43,802 records on 11/6/17
9th File 47,593 records on 11/13/17
10th File 49,543 records on 11/20/17
11th File 49,597 records on 11/29/17
12th File 49,504 records on 12/4/17

The Client provided all the below stats with an included note in quotes.

"InMarket report of the audience files hash_data_file_2017-09-20 and hash_data_file_2017-09-25. The InMarket Audiences have a better CTR and bring in more conversions at a lower CPL. From the InMarket Audiences, the lookalike audiences performed much better than the custom audiences."

"InMarket report for 10/13- 10/17. we saw the most success with the 4th InMarket Audience File with a lead score of 7.5 and up. That audience had the best link CTR, the most website registrations at the lowest CPA, and the most billables. Therefore, I am focusing on pushing that audience at this time. We are still seeing success with these audiences in Facebook but some registrations are getting rejected due to age restrictions by the schools."

"Please see the attached weekly InMarket Report for 10/19-10/26. We have been seeing the most success with quality scores of 7.5 and up so I have been segmenting the list and pushing in those areas. Please note this week we switched the pixel location on our page causing a higher cost per website registration in the Facebook interface and showing in the report below. As we get towards the end of the month, school budgets get tighter and we start to pull back on volume. Therefore, you will notice volume decrease slightly from last week’s report."

"Attached is the InMarket Facebook Report for 10/27-11/3. Please note volume was lower this past week due to school budgets capping at the end of the month. As we started the month of November we saw the most success with the lead scores of 7.5 and up. This week I will be pushing in that area and working on creatives to better optimize the audiences. These audiences are still converting better than the other audiences that we have running. Please let me know if you have any questions."

"Attached is the InMarket Facebook Report for 11/4-11/10. We have seen an increase in volume since the previous report. This week, I used the data from the 10/12 and 10/23 lists. I am consistently seeing a better CTR from the audiences with a lead score of 7.5 or higher. Today, I will be phasing in the new audience data that you guys sent over and pairing it with a new video creative. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the report. Have a great weekend!"

Attached is the InMarket Facebook Report for 11/11-11/16. This past week I saw the most success with ad set "1106 lookalike 3-7.5+" and "1012 lookalike 1-7.5+". They both brought in the most volume at the lowest CPA. This week I also introduced a video campaign that successfully converted when paired with the InMarket Audiences. Billable volume also increased this week compared to the week before. Today, I added in the 9th InMarket Audience file and I will have an update on the performance next week. Have a great weekend!

"Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving! Below is last week's Facebook report for 11/17-11/23. Facebook had a good week and volume has increased from the week before. Our best Ad Set was "1113 Lookalike 4-7.5+" with a low CPA of $14.39 and great volume. The video creatives we are using work very well with the audiences. I will have another report update for you guys on Friday.

"Please find below the Facebook Report for 11/24-11/30. This past week our best ad set was "1113 Lookalike 2- 7.5+". This ad set has the highest volume and best CTR. Please note overall volume is down this week due to school budgets hitting cap at the end of the month. Have a great weekend!"

"Please find below the Facebook Report for 12/1-12/7. This week our volume decreased but our cost per website registration stayed the same when compared with the previous week. The best performing ad set this week was "1113 Lookalike 8- 7.5+". This ad set had the highest number of website registrations completed at a low cost. Have a great weekend!

The chart below shows the totals of reports 1-9. The revenue generated was $90,250.00 minus the $9,993.96 and the $6,000 cost of audience data there's a $74,256.04 profit. Better than a $10k increase in profit using our audience data. We can only imagine the profit potential in expanding the reach with multiple channels, Instagram, Google, YouTube and others.


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