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How Megarray Smart SEO works

Most efficient digital marketing method, SEO is rather a challenge to get right. It will let you track data, gain insight on conversions, manage your business listings and post on social media platforms.

Smartly automate your work, meanwhile focus on strategic development and business analysis. Tasks like checking for duplicate descriptions and titles, can be done through simple clicks. Megarray can help you promote your business via viral campaigns, fresh content and social media.

Focus on the Strategy and Business Decision.
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With automating various parts of your SEO campaign, you can easily save your time and efforts, which in turn increase your efficiency and productivity. Megarray ensures you with finest operating capabilities that can automate content distribution, optimize video and text content and develop smart SEO strategies.


Benefits of Smart SEO

Content Syndication

Content Syndication is about publishing content on every social network to attract attention, boost traffic and brand reach. With scheduling posts and monitoring campaigns, you can increase your presence and interact with your target audience.

Quality Backlink Generation

Social networking sites are the key elements that decide the rankings of your site. Facebook, Twitter, Google+,Instagram and Pinterest, in the eyes of search engines, are among the most credible sources with traffic. It will increase their volume when posts include the company's URL.

Intelligent Auto Posting

Intelligent Auto-posting uses some utility to share content. There are two categories- the first is setting up a tool that for example tweets a new blog post link. There are plugins and programs that expectorate the title of a blog and the first line or two is posted on social networks.

Maximize Content Visibility

Posts and topics have visibility settings that include Public- Users, including those who have not logged in can see the content Community- Users who have logged in can see the content. When content is created outside a group, the visibility can be configured for a specific kind of content.

Robust Local SEO

Robust Local SEO tools can help business to consumer and business to business marketers increase the sales pipeline with local customers and buyers who want to buy your services and products. It provide the power to promote a brand through local search and generate local leads.

Analytics & Reporting

Backed by powerful functionality, Megarray work as an all-inclusive platform that provides you with insightful solution to track and measure the performance of your Social Media activities and posts.

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